Gau Shala

HMS’s GauShala or Cow farm is an initiative that helps protect and save desi indigenous cattle called the Gir cows. What started as a small gaushala to eight cows, a few bulls are now home to 100 Gir cows born. The farm’s Gir cow breeding program helps to protect this almost extinct species.

To ensure that our cows are healthy, we stick to the healthy ratio of 20:100 (a ratio used to define the number of cows needed per 100 people), unlike other commercial dairy farms.

We at HMS believe in not overstress our cows for excessive milk production. We aim to keep up with the healthy ratio and emphasize its importance even though the farm tours we host.

Vedic Practices

India is home to some of the oldest and most traditional forms of agricultural and farming practices. Even today, only a few farms across the country follow ancient practices. HMS is one such farm that believes in Vedic rituals as it is also the home to many A2 cows. Some of the Vedic practices that we follow includes

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Traditional west management techniques for healthy soil

The urine and dung of the cows are mixed with other natural ingredients like neem to produce manure and fertilizers for the mango and chickoo farm.

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animal health

At HSM Varenyam Farm, we house more than 100 Gir cows, and although we use the milk for other dairy products, we still take care of each cow. We have a dedicated team that feeds them regularly, cleans them, and also keeps them healthy.

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Maintaining suitable soil for quality produce

It is not enough to plant trees; it is also essentials to ensure that it is planted on the right soil. We maintain suitable soil so that we get quality produce. This, along with various other traditional farming practices and methodologies, is combined even in today’s times.

Gir Cows

The Gir or Gyr cow is a local breed to Gujrat on the verge of extinction, known to produce the best milk quality. As an Indian breed, they have a large hump on the top of their neck and shoulder. It also has a domed and rounded forehead, long pendulous ears, spiral horns, and different colors like red, black, white, and even yellow. These cows are known to have disease and pest resistance power. These sorts of cows are known to make the most nutritious dairy products that include.

  • 24 types of enzymes
  • 22 types of salt
  • 21 types of Amino Acid
  • Seven of minerals
  • Vitamins A2, B, D, E, and K